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SPIN 1038 Exclusive: Matt Damon Recalls 'Cool Story' Told To Him By Dalkey Barista


01:17 13 May 2020

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"It feels like a fairy tale here."

Fully Charged's Graham and Nathan finally tracked down Matt Damon this week.

The movie star has been quarantining in Dalkey since the pandemic began and chose to give SPIN 1038 his only interview.

Matt has been living in the South Dublin town since March with his wife Luciana and their three youngest daughters.

The famous family moved to Ireland so Matt could film upcoming movie The Last Duel. 

However, production was shut down with COVID-19 hit the country.

Nevertheless the movie star is making the most of life in Dublin and he had nothing but good things to say about his temporary home.

"It feels like a fairy tale here," Matt told Graham and Nathan.

"I can see why all these people, you know when we came in they (Dalkey natives) were like well Bono lives over there and Enya lives over there..."

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"This is one of the most beautiful places we've ever been," Matt said later in the interview.

"Even in the lockdown, they’re like you’ve gotta stay within 2 kilometres of your house," Matt went on.

"I mean 2 kilometres of here there’s tress and forests and woods and oceans, I can’t think of any place else you’d rather want to be in a 2 kilometre radius of."

File:Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Graham asked Matt what kind of places he has been visiting in Dalkey.

"The first couple of days we were here we went into a book store," the actor replied, "Then everything kinda shut down."

Matt then went on to tell a story about a chat he had with a local barista.

"I thought that was a cool story!"

"There's a lovely coffee place that stayed open and actually I was talking to the barista who works there the other day," Matt began.

"You stand two metres apart so only one person goes in at a time, into the shop and orders a coffee, and she said, which I thought was really interesting because I worked at a counter, one of my first jobs, she said normally this place is really buzzing and I've actually gotten to know all of my customers because each come in for three to five minutes and we chat."

"Normally I see them all the time, they're all faces I know, but now I actually know all these people. I know all their families and what's going on with them."

"I thought that was a cool story," Matt finished.


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