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Too Hot To Handle's Haley Believes Harry Was Only With Francesca For The 'Publicity'

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

08:38 22 Jun 2020

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Too Hot To Handle drama

Too Hot To Handle's Haley Cureton has spoken out following her pal Francesca Farago's split from Harry Jowsey.

It seems the reality star holds a special place in her heart for Francesca after they bonded on the show.

However, she has absolutely no time for her friend's ex fiancé, Harry.

When asked her feelings on the couple's split, Haley didn't hold back.

She told TMZ, "I think Harry was with Francesca for publicity 100 percent."

"I don't think Harry is capable of loving anyone besides himself," she boldly stated.

The social media star claims he never, "had genuine love for her and never cared about her feelings."

Haley believes his actions on Too Hot To Handle prove this is true.

In case you've forgotten, Harry lied to the rest of the cast about who initiated the first kiss between himself and Francesca.

Their intimate moment cost the cast a lot of money, and nearly ended his relationship with Francesca.

She retaliated by sharing a kiss with her pal Haley, and then refused to own up to it.

Harry's been in Haley's bad books from the moment they met.

She told TMZ, "Everything he does in life is to benefit himself."


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The breakup

Harry and Francesca announced their split in separate YouTube videos last week.

It was Harry who ended things between them, blaming their breakup on a number of factors.

While Francesca admitted she tried her best to make it work, "I did everything I could."

Haley told TMZ that she saw this breakup coming, "I knew the past few weeks especially, I did see the breakup coming."

It turns out Francesca confided in Haley following the split, "She talked about what she wanted to say in her video with me and everything."

"I definitely saw it coming before the public did."


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Haley went on to reveal that she and Francesca are, "talking about potentially moving in together. In the future."

"Me and Francesca are really close and we miss each other, I think her being single now, she's ready to enjoy herself."

To read Harry's side of the story, go here.

And go here for Francesca's side of the story.

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