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Harry Jowsey Finally Reveals The Real Reason He Broke Up With Francesca Farago

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

08:45 24 Jul 2020

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Harry Jowsey talks Francesca Farago

Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey has finally revealed the real reason he broke up with Francesca Farago.

He told the Impaulsive podcast that she wasn't there for him when he needed her most.

Harry also claimed she wouldn't be as famous as she is now without him.


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@boohoomanofficial x @swaelee ⁣ ⁣ Which tracksuit is your favourite? 1 or 2?✨

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The reality star said he went through a very hard time after filming on THTH ended, "I was in a bad head space."

He recalled, "My mum fell off a horse and broke her knee, ribs, bad! So I had to fly back to Australia."

Harry said in the space of a week, there was a death in his family, and someone really close tried to commit suicide.


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The social media star reached out to his girlfriend for help at the time.

He told her, "I'm the support system for my whole family right now, I need a friend. I need you to be here for me."

Unfortunately, Francesca's ex had just brought her out to Vegas and, "They were having a crazy time."


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happy birthday noodle❤️ I hope this year gives you everything you’ve ever wanted & more. love you forever.

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She didn't support him

Harry said he was telling her everything that was going on in his life and she didn't support him.

He alleged Francesca reacted by accusing him of trying to ruin her trip, and branding him, "inconsiderate."

The reality star said he remembers just being, "heartbroken," and telling her he was, "destroyed."


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Doesn’t anyone else have a massive forehead when they push their hair back? Just me?

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Harry said if the roles were reversed, he would have absolutely been by her side.

So instead, he went to Bali with a good friend of his, but it didn't make him feel any better.

He said, "I was depressed. I was bad."


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happy 4th from the canadian♥️

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Harry claimed Francesca did well after she left the show because she's, "Hot as f**k."

He said she definitely helped him grow his following online, but it works both ways.

"I also helped her. She wouldn't have been anywhere near as big without me."

Francesca and Harry announced their split in videos posted to their respective YouTube accounts last month.

Watch hers here, and his here.

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