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Over 8,000 Dublin Buildings Could Be Flooded In The Next Century

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

08:35 13 May 2022

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The research was carried out by tech company Cervest.

Banks, hotels and homes are at risk of being flooded in Dublin city centre.

Buildings could be deep underwater by the turn of the century due to the climate crisis.

Tech company Cervest, who carried out the research, assessed the climate risk of business assets.

They released the data this week ahead of the Dublin Climate Summit.

Cervest says some flooding is now unavoidable due to the effects of global warming.

They say lowering the global temperature increase could protect areas at risk.

Homes and businesses in areas such as Spencer Dock and Sandymount could be affected by the flooding.

Without reaching our climate targets, buildings could be underwater by an average of 1.7 metres by 2100.

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