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Love Island's Elma Admits She 'Fancies' Joe And 'Really Cares For Him'

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

01:49 25 Jun 2019

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Love Island's Elma fancies Joe

Dumped Love Island contestant Elma admits she fancies Joe and 'really cares for him.'

She reveals all in an interview with Capital Breakfast this week.

"I really care for him, I do, he’s a good boy."

Joe and Elma were dumped from the villa last week leaving Anton and Lucie single.

When asked on Capital, "Rumour has it that you might have fancied our guest from yesterday, Joe?"

Elma responds, "Yeah, maybe, maybe. Do you know what I think, it’s, like, being familiar with someone."

She goes on to explain the attraction, "Because he’s from the south and I’m from the south, it works better."

"I think if I’d initially gone in there, first line up, and he’d walked in there and been like “you alright there girls” I would have been like “yeah, a bit of me, that”."

Elma reaches out to Joe

Elma says she reached out to Joe after Lucie re-coupled with Anton on last night's episode.

"My heart broke because I know how much Joe proper, proper likes her."


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Monday mood

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"I don’t wanna say love because the L-bomb’s quite a big bomb to say but I’m going to say that he proper likes her."

"I did check up on him. Because I really care for him, I do, he’s a good boy."

The re-coupling

The boys had to choose a girl to couple up with in the villa which inevitably meant one girl would be heading home.

Lucie told Anton, "Imagine if I left here and that surf guy walked through the door, I’d be gutted."

"I’d be open to get to know him. I feel guilty as hell for saying it because I do like Joe, but this is what I’ve come here for."


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We'd like to apologise wholeheartedly to all triangles, squares and other geometric shapes. #LoveIsland

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When it came to it, Anton chose to couple up with Lucie while Danny chose to couple up with Arabella over Yewande.

This meant the Irish beauty would be sent home.


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Pull up those big boy pants Anton it’s time to graft #TeamAnton #LoveIsland ☀️

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Meanwhile, Anton's been facing backlash for choosing to re-couple with Lucie over Yewande. Read more here.

And go here to read Yewande's exit interview and here for a full recap on last night's episode.

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two tonight from 9pm.

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