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Anna Vakili's Sister Was Due To Appear On Love Island 2019 But Was Axed By Producers

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05:00 4 Jun 2019

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Mandie Vakili

Anna Vakili's sister was due to join her in the Love Island villa this summer.

The islander made the revelation to The Sun before heading into the villa on Sunday.

She said,  'There were talks of having my sister on the show too but last minute she was told she isn’t coming on but I would love her to.'


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Anna continued, 'I couldn’t be excited because the whole way through we thought we were going to be together.'

'My sister and I are like twins so I didn’t exactly sound happy because I was so upset for her.'


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A party ain’t a party till the Vakili’s come through

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According to the publication Anna said show bosses made a big mistake not casting her sibling.

'They made a huge mistake not to put her on,' she said.

'She’s so funny, they should have put her on and not me.'


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Talents = Eating

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'We share everything together, apart from guys.'


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As fans of the show will know, lots of islanders join the cast over the eight weeks.

Perhaps Mandi will pop up as a new arrival!


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“Guys say I'm bougie, way too exclusive. Chillin' in Dubai know I get it all inclusive”

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Get to know Anna

Name: Anna Vakili

Age: 28

Hometown: London

Career: Pharmacist

Anna says she's different from past islanders because she's glam but has also studied hard.

"I’ve got my masters. I’m a pharmacist and I have a Middle Eastern background."

She's not sure if her dream guy exists, but if he does he'll be tall and dark.

Personality-wise she's looking for someone who is loyal, kind and emotional.

"I like the soppy guys. I’m not into cocky boys at all, I like smart and funny."

Anna says best personality trait is her kindness.

She's emotional, honest and doesn't like to see other people hurting.

However, she can be "difficult to handle", a drama queen, clumsy and messy.

Her biggest turn off is bad hygiene.

Anna won't fight for a guy in the villa. She just plans to be herself.

When she does find the right guy, she's ready to "go far to make him happy."

Day 2 spoilers

Anna coupled up with Sherif on last night's episode.

While they weren't each other's initial choices, it seems the new couple have hit things off.


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These are your couples...for now! (Hehehe) #LoveIsland

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On tonight's episode they reveal to fellow islanders they had a snuggle in bed and we'll watch them share their first kiss during a challenge!

Read more Day 2 spoilers here.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.

If you can't wait until then, catch up on the drama between new boy Tommy and his ex here.

And find out who bookies say will win the show here.

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