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Francesca Farago Releases Statement After Demi Sims Blocks Her Online


08:55 15 Apr 2021

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Francesca Farago & Demi Sims

It's all over for Francesca Farago and Demi Sims.

Francesca released a since expired statement on Instagram Stories announcing their split.

It's after Demi blocked her on social media.

As quoted by MailOnline, Francesca said, 'I really didn't want to have to address this today, but I am already getting attacked on social media so I might as well bite the bullet since I have no choice.'

'Demi and I are no longer together. We decided to go our separate ways this morning.'

The Too Hot To Handle star insisted, 'Nothing bad happened.'

'We were both loyal to one another and still love each other.'

'Sometimes people just don't work perfectly together and that's OK.'

Rushing in too fast

The pair started dating in January, and it wasn't long before they had moved in together.

Francesca now sees that they, 'rushed into living together without knowing if our personalities and daily life meshed well together.'

'I wish we could have had a few days to emotionally cope with this in private but we chose to share our entire relationship with you guys which is why I'm posting this now.'

The reality star then addressed Demi's decision to block her on social media.

She wrote, 'I would have loved to remain friends and in each other's lives but she thought seeing me on social media would be too difficult for her, which is why she wanted to block me.'

'Nothing bad happened'

Francesca went on, 'In normal life when a couple breaks up this is a coping mechanism and they don't get scrutinised by thousands of people for how they choose to act after a heartbreaking situation.'

'I really want you guys to know nothing bad happened between us at all.'

Francesca finished her statement by asking her followers to, 'be kind and respect [their] privacy.'

'It is an extremely difficult time for both of us and negative, inaccurate and presumptuous comments make it much more difficult.'

'It did take a toll on our relationship as well.'

Demi hasn't made any comment.

This comes just months Demi got the letter, 'F,' tattooed on her wrist, and Francesca got Demi's name tattooed on her bum.

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