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Emily Blunt Says 'Accents Are Tricky' During Wild Mountain Thyme Chat


02:12 10 Dec 2020

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Emily Blunt on accents

Emily Blunt admitted, 'accents are tricky,' during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

She made the revelation during a chat about her new movie Wild Mountain Thyme, where she plays a young Irish woman.

The interviewer said they had been chatting to other English actors prior to Emily's interview.

And they had said that just because Ireland and the U.K. are in such close proximity, doesn't mean the accent is any easier for them.

Emily completely agreed with this sentiment.

The actress responded, 'Oh God, it’s completely different.'

'But also, if you think about England, there’s 100 accents or more,' Emily continued.

'I don’t know how many accents there are just in England, and it’s the same in Ireland.'

She laughed, 'I think there’s 50 to 100 different accents just in Ireland.'

'Even in Dublin, there’s North and South Dublin, and they sound completely different.'

Emily revealed they had to learn a, 'very specific midland, rural, quite thick accent,' for Wild Mountain Thyme.

She stars in the movie opposite Irish actor Jamie Dornan.

Emily said, 'So yes, and even for Jamie, who’s from Belfast, he has a completely different accent from how he spoke.'

'So accents are tricky. You just do your best and that’s all you can hope for.'

This comes nearly a month after the stars faced backlash for their Irish accents in the movie.

One Twitter user said, 'Didn’t realise I needed Christopher Walken doing a really bad Irish accent to make my life complete'

While another wrote, 'I love Emily Blunt with all my heart but lord above that accent is atrocious.'

Read more about the movie here.

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