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Stars Face Backlash Over Their Irish Accents In Trailer For 'Wild Mountain Thyme'


08:48 11 Nov 2020

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Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme is an upcoming romantic comedy based on John Patrick Shanley's play Outside Mullingar.

It features an all star cast including Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Christopher Walken and Jon Hamm.

And some of the stars have been facing backlash over their Irish accents in the movie.

Wild Mountain Thyme' Trailer: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Christopher Walken  & Jon Hamm In Ireland-Set Romance

Rosemary Muldoon (Blunt) is a headstrong farmer.

She has her heart set on winning her neighbour Anthony Reilly’s love.

The problem is Anthony (Dornan) seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer.

Wild Mountain Thyme - Official Trailer | Video

The trailer begins with Walken's character Tony narrating, "Welcome to Ireland!"

"Once upon a time there were two farms - the Muldoon farm where Rosemary lived, and right down the road was my farm, where my son Anthony asked his lonely question of the stars."

People slam Emily Blunt's 'leprechaun' Irish accent in trailer for new film  -

A young Anthony is heard asking, "Why did you make me so?"

Tony continues to narrate as Rosemary is shown mounting a horse, "Rosemary Muldoon, besotted with love."

Later in the trailer, Tony is heard telling Rosemary, "Anthony will never marry."

Wild Mountain Thyme Trailer Pairs Emily Blunt with Jamie Dornan in Ireland  | Collider

She responds, "If it comes to that, I'll freeze my eggs."

He tells her, "You should freeze your whole body if you're waiting for that one!"

Meanwhile, Anthony's having problems of his own after learning his father plans to sell the family farm to his American nephew (Hamm).

Wild Mountain Thyme (2020) - IMDb

Anthony's cousin is later shown flirting with Rosemary on a bench.

He points to Anthony and asks, "Waiting for that one?" She replies, "What are you waiting for?"

When he replies, "Me, I don't wait," she admits, "I do like that..."

Watch the full official trailer here:


Some of the actors have been facing serious backlash online over their Irish accents.

One Twitter user said, 'Didn’t realise I needed Christopher Walken doing a really bad Irish accent to make my life complete'

While another wrote, 'I love Emily Blunt with all my heart but lord above that accent is atrocious.'

Wild Mountain Thyme is out December 11th.

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