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Trinity College Handing Out Battery Lamps To Residents In Case Of Blackouts

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:54 15 Sep 2022

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Trinity College Dublin is providing all campus residents with battery powered lamps in case of blackouts.

In an email sent to those renting rooms, it says the torches are being provided ‘for your safety.’

It also says they are not to be used except in the event of a power outage.

Trinity’s occupancy guidelines bans residents from using candles.

Energy Issues

Meanwhile, energy concerns are still dominating the agenda.

The Taoiseach says exempting rich people from the upcoming electricity credit would take time.

It comes after Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary said people like him shouldn't be getting the universal Government support.

He's raised one of the big problems with the Government's planned energy credit - it will go to everyone.

Even those who don't need it.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says he agrees the rich shouldn't benefit - but working out a means test would take time:

"In terms of effectively and efficiently moving to intervene, there are methods that lend themselves to that."

"Otherwise you’re getting into huge bureaucratic sort of operation."

"That only serves to delay the allocation of badly needed funding."

Energy Profit Tax

While more doubt has been cast on the EU's planned energy windfall tax.

Here's Tánaiste Leo Varadkar admitting they don't know how it will work

"I can’t explain them for you or interpret them."

"They’re not Government proposals."

"They’re proposals from the European Commission."

"They’re not yet agreed, and they aren’t entirely clear, quite frankly."

The Ministers for Finance and Public Expenditure have said they don't know whether the EU work will be completed in time for the budget.

Or how much Ireland will benefit from the suggested 140 billion euro fund.

Photo by Tom Douglas

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