Win big money on the SPIN Cash...


Win big money on the SPIN Cash Machine

Cash Machine
Cash Machine

08:33 12 Jul 2024

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Cash Machine gives you chances to win life changing amount of cash every day!

Tune in every day when our presenters will give you that days cash machine amount, make a note of that number and get your entry in by texting SPIN to 57557.

It costs €2.50 to enter, you must be over 18, full terms and conditions are available here.

Get your text in by 3pm, when across the Go Loud Network of stations, Barry could be calling YOU!

Stay close to that phone between 3-4pm because you'll need to answer within 5 rings, tell Barry the exact amount in euro AND cent - then the cash is yours!


Check out some of our recent Cash Machine winners! 

Brian won €100,000 on July 12th 2024!

Sarah won €50,927.78 on July 5th 2024!

Sharon won €100,000.00 on June 21st 2024!

Paul won €100,000.00 on May 24th 2024!

Mike won €30,147.67 on May 9th 2024!

Katie won €150,000.00 on April 26th 2024!

Kelly Ann won €20,261.86 on March 26th 2024!

Mari won €150,000.00 on April 5th 2024!


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Keith won €60,493.24 on March 26th 2024!

Beda won €120,000.00 on March 22nd 2024!

Philip won €30,111.27 on March 11th 2024!

Ovidiu won €50,472.36 on March 8th 2024!

Mick won €80,356.61 on February 28th 2024!

Vivienne won €50,189.06 on October 18th!

Marie won €10,319.51 on September 24th!

Norbert won €30,899.57 on August 30th!

Tara won €21,586.46 on August 15th!

Nuala won €40,472.62 on August 3rd!

Brid won €40,472.62 on June 20th!

Christopher won €61,966.05 on May 19th!

Elaine won €21,872.36 on May 16th!

Ciara won €50,439.71 on March 29th!

Cristian won €70,000 on March 16th!

Katie won €40,321.66 on February 22nd!

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