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Taylor Swift Reportedly Carried Out Of Her Apartment In A Massive Suitcase

SPIN 1038
SPIN 1038

02:46 17 Jul 2017

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We're not sure what to make of this one...

A photo-sharing website claims Taylor Swift was transported in this huge suitcase from her Tribecca apartment into her truck.

They say a fleet of cars including two large Cadillacs and three SUVs arrived at Taylor Swift's apartment in Tribecca to move the suitcase from her apartment to the truck.

It remains unsure if the star was actually in the case or if it was just an unfortunate misprint.

Almost a dozen of Taylor's security guards were present to move the package carefully into the vehicle.

The pop singer has been quiet on social media recently and did not host her traditional 4th of July party, much to the disappointment of her fans.

What do you reckon? Was Tay-Tay really transported from her home to a car in a giant suitcase?

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