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Helpline Nightmare For Those Who Haven't Gotten A Covid Cert


01:25 20 Jul 2021

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The Government claims the new Digital Covid Certificate helpline can accept up to 22 thousand calls.

The original helpline has been replaced after it buckled under pressure yesterday.

Thousands of people who tried to call the digital covid cert helpline yesterday couldn't get through.

Or they were stuck on hold for hours before the call cut off.

One such caller was Journalist Gabi Gatavecktaite.

"This Saturday I'm going to Lithuania with my mum."

"I got my vaccine through the GP at home but there's no sign of my Digital Cert."

Gabi called the original number dozens of times yesterday, but not once did it ring through.

This morning she tried the new number - 1800 807 008.

"I ring it, the call starts ringing but it shuts off after a few."

22,000 Capacity - But What Does That Mean?

The new helpline can manage 22,000 calls.

However, this doesn't mean it can deal with 22,000 queries at once.

It means 22,000 people can get through, and wait on hold at any one time.

Certificates of passengers due to travel within the next 10 days are being priortised.

The Government's advising people that it will take 5 days after your second dose before a cert will be issued.

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