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GAA All Star Calls For Sports Clubs To Be Proactive In Securing Defibrillators

Liam Daly
Liam Daly

05:57 13 Jun 2021

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Conor Gormley who's own father's life was saved by a defibrillator says all clubs need to acquire the device.


This comes in the wake of Danish footballer Christian Eriksen's collapse in yesterday's EURO 2020 game.


Denmark's team doctor confirmed Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest.


Team doctor Morten Boesen stated that Eriksen was 'gone' on the pitch and was resuscitated 'after one defib'.


Former Tyrone footballer Conor Gormley says the scenes reminded him of his own experience when his father collapsed on the sidelines of one of his games.


Conor told Newstalk that he made a 'B-Line' for the stands and attached the defibrillator to his father, which was successful in resuscitating him.


Conor has said that all sports clubs in the country should equip themselves with the device, and make sure to change batteries when needed, as you never know when an incident occur.


Eriksen Dane Christian Eriksen in action for his National Team.


The 3 time All-Ireland winner also said there says more needs to be done to equip people with the ability to react in drastic situations.


Denmark's captain Simon Kjaer reacted quickly, clearing his teammate's airways and rolling him into the recovery position, which has been praised as a huge moment in ensuring Eriksen's survival.


"I think more can be done," Conor Gormley said. "Even right down to secondary schools [...] More could be done to promote it, the CPR, first-aid part of it as well. Those first moments if something does happen, that they are aware what to do."


Earlier on Sunday, it was confirmed that Eriksen was both stable and awake, and sent greeting to his teammates.


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