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Family Planning Group Call For Abortion Laws To Be Reviewed

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Tuesday marked the third anniversary of the vote to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, which legalised abortion in Ireland.

However campaigners are warning that many women still face barriers to care due to "serious flaws" in Ireland's abortion law.

A review of the Health Act is to begin by the end of this year.

Niall Behan from the Irish Family Planning Association says services are being undermined by restrictions in the current legislation.

He says the three day waiting period "has no medical function" while half of the eligible hospitals are still not participating in care.

The association's also highlighting the fact that many women continue to travel to the UK, due to a 12 week limit in accessing terminations here.

"That's something that the review of the law needs to address quite urgently."

The IFPA say they're calling for the "restrictive aspects" of the current law to be reviewed and amended.

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