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Elvis Impersonators Could Be Banned From Wedding Ceremonies

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:02 1 Jun 2022

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Elvis impersonators could be banned from wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas.

His licensing company's demanding chapels stop using his likeness when marrying couples.

It could prove to be a major blow to the city's wedding industry - which generates almost 1-point-8 billion euro a year.

The organisation Authentic Brands Group sent cease-and-desist letters in early May to a number of chapels, these small churches are expected now to have stopped the practice.

Cease and Desist Letter

Is a letter denoting a legally enforceable order from a court or government agency directing someone to stop engaging in a particular activity.

Economic Impact

The Las Vegas industry is incredibly lucrative generating $2 billion a year.

However this move is taken on by chapels in the area could see a large part of the cities revenue diminished.

Local chapel owners are reporting that this is their ''bread and butter'' in terms of making a living.

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