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Dublin Woman Who Developed Sepsis After Tummy Tuck In Turkey Says "Don't Do It"

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:17 3 Feb 2023

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Jade Cooney, a 22-year-old woman from Dublin, has spoken of her experience following a tummy tuck in Turkey.

Dr. Finian Fallon - who is a psychologist who deals with obesity - explains what the a tummy tuck surgery entails:

"Removing a flap of skin on the stomach, in order to tighten up skin effectively."


Since last October, Jade has suffered heavy bleeding, she still has two open wounds, and has received no after-care.

Jade says it was a disaster from start to finish:

"They changed the surgeon, I was scared, I met one, didn't like the vibe and I asked for the other one."

"They said no."

Jade says she was only supposed to be five to six hours, and it ended up being over 11 hours.

After coming home, Jade says "I was bleeding so much I had to go to A&E and it turned out I had an infection, sepsis cellulitis, and I was contaminated."

The HSE website defines sepsis as, "a life-threatening reaction your body has to an infection."

It adds, "Sepsis can affect multiple organs or your whole body."

Don't Do It

She has this advice for anyone who is thinking of going under the knife:

"Don't do it."

Jade says Ireland has places for the procedure that have effective after care and proper procedures to follow.

"I couldn't find anything, not a bad review, anything, about the hospital [in Turkey]."

Dr. Fallon believes effective after-care is vitally important, before and after, cosmetic surgery.

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