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69% Of Pubs & Restaurants Compliant With Covid Certs - HSE


12:39 20 Oct 2021

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More than 5,600 checks were carried out by the HSE. 

New inspections by the HSE have found 69 percent of restaurants and pubs are covid compliant.

As of last Friday, that percentage of businesses were carrying out the proper checks of covid certs.

31 percent were either non-compliant or needed to put additional measures in place.

No fines have been issues, but continued non-compliance could bring penalties to business owners.

Digital Covid Certs are still a requirement until January of 2022, announced by the government yesterday.

CEO of the Restaurants Association Adrian Cummins says it can sometimes depend on the establishment.

"In rural areas, nearly everybody knows their local customer coming in."

"If they check them once, they're probably not going to check them every day."

"The government needs to work with us to tell us exactly what we must do," Cummins added.

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