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10 Australian Celebs We're Grateful For

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03:31 2 May 2017

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Hugh Jackman

The man who brought Wolverine to our screens for over 17 years and he’s known for singing at weddings, what's not to love.


Chris Hemsworth

Not only is he, well, very attractive but he’s also hilarious as he proved in his Ghostbusters role last year.

Liam Hemsworth

Well you can’t include just one Hemsworth brother. Did you know that Liam is the ambassador for the Australian Children’s Foundation? Who doesn’t like a guy with a kind heart!


Heath Ledger

We sadly lost Heath Ledger in 2008 but not before the role of his career as The Joker in The Dark Knight. No one will ever compare.


Elle Macpherson

Actress, model, businesswoman and TV host, Elle does it all and with two kids. Mom goals!


Nicole Kidman

Forget her acting work, we’re grateful for Nicole Kidman based on her weird Oscar clapping alone.


Cate Blanchett

Talented and one classy lady, thank you for the constant style inspiration Cate.


Iggy Azalea

Australian celebs aren’t all actors. Iggy has been representing females in rap for a number of years now and has been cleaning up in awards every since she started out.


Kylie Minogue  

The one and only Kylie some might say. No matter what she has gone through she has always come out smiling and we love her for that.


Isla Fisher

Isla is absolutely hilarious at times but serious when she needs to be and that hair, obsessed!

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