WATCH: SPIN Chats To ATB, Topi...


WATCH: SPIN Chats To ATB, Topic & A7S About Music, Life Before Lockdown & More

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:27 13 Apr 2021

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ATB, Topic & A7'S

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with ATB, Topic and A7S for a chat.

The latter pair recently reworked ATB's 90s club classic 9pm (Til I Come) to bring us Your Love (9pm).

They spoke to Sarina about the song, how it feels to have success during a pandemic, and more.

ATB has had so many people approach him about reworking the classic, but he's said no every time.

Sarina asked him what it was about Topic and A7S that made him agree to a collaboration.

He explained, "Over 20 years... I thought, 'it's about time,' you know?"


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ATB said he was always of the opinion that you shouldn't mess with a classic.

But he soon realised he wanted the new generation to have the song, and he didn't want to do it alone.

So he teamed up with Topic and A7S.


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Breaking Me

Sarina asked Topic and A7S about their hit single Breaking Me, which shot through the charts.

She wanted to know how they celebrated amid lockdown.

A7S explained they just got some friends together, and had a nice dinner.


ATB has been constantly working, and Sarina wanted to know what the realities of being a famous DJ are.

He said, "Of course, I like to be on stage but it's a lot of travelling, you know."

"I don't wanna complain... I miss sitting at the airport and I miss the hotels so much right now," he laughed.


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Sarina asked Topic what he misses from life before lockdown.

"I mean, I would say maybe the jet lags you always get... they were always very, very hard, and very strong," he replied.

A7S said he misses the late celebrations after a good gig, and the early starts the next morning.

Keep SPIN loud to hear Your Love (9pm). 

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