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The Bellissimo Files' Favourite Things: RuthAnne

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

12:36 5 May 2021

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Favourite Things

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Grammy nominated Irish artist RuthAnne for a chat recently.

She shared all her favourite things from movies and TV shows, to apps and podcasts.

Favourite TV show

RuthAnne said she has a few favourites at the moment, but Your Honor is the most recent.

She said she, "loved it."

Favourite film

RuthAnne finds it extremely difficult to choose a favourite movie, but she settled on The Holiday and Love Actually. 

She said they're, "two of [her] favourite movies of all time."

Her fiancé actually recreated the card scene from Love Actually when he was proposing.

Favourite, 'pumped up playlist,' song

RuthAnne thinks everyone should have Britney Spears' Work B**ch on their, 'pumped up,' playlist.

She co-wrote the track, which came out in 2013.

Favourite Podcast

RuthAnne's favourite podcast is The Bi**h Bible by Jackie Schimmel.

She said it makes her, "laugh out loud... it's just a really funny escapism podcast."

She went on to share her favourite social media account, and she spoke a bit about her new music.

Listen back to the full chat here:

The Bellissimo Files' Favourite Things: RuthAnne

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