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The Bellissimo Files' Favourite Things: Birdy

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

12:15 5 May 2021

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Favourite Things

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Birdy for a chat recently.

The singer also took part in Favourite Things, where she shared all the things she can't get enough of in life.

Favourite TV show

Birdy is currently obsessed with The Queen's Gambit.

She's also been re-watching some of her favourite shows like Friends and Misfits.

Favourite book

One of her favourite books is His Dark Materials.

"I loved those books when I was growing up and then I re-read them."

She also loves The BBC's series adaptation.

Favourite movie

Birdy recently watched The Elephant Man, and she loved how beautifully directed it was.

She also loves the French movie Amélie.

Favourite, 'pumped up playlist,' song

Birdy thinks everyone should have a Billie Eilish song on their, 'pumped up,' playlist.

She reckons Bad Guy is a good choice.

Favourite podcast

Birdy admitted she doesn't listen to podcasts as much as she'd like to.

However, she recently checked out the How To Fail pod with Phoebe Waller Bridge and she loved it.

Favourite App

Birdy's favourite app is WhatsApp for family group chats.

Watch the full interview here:

The Bellissimo Files returns Saturday morning from 10am, on SPIN 1038.

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