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WATCH: Dermot Kennedy Drops Music Video For All My Friends Set At Electric Picnic


02:45 26 Feb 2020

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Dermot Kennedy releases new music video

Dermot Kennedy has released a music video for his song All My Friends.

And you might recognise the setting if you're a fan of Irish festivals.

It's set at Electric Picnic which takes place in Laois every summer.

The video opens with two young women arriving to the festival in a bus.

One of the girls asks, "What make you think that I can set up a tent?"

The other responds, "Oh you're good at that stuff!"

As Dermot starts to sing, the girls jump out of the bus and cling onto each other.

They run into the festival and attempt to set up their tent.

The girls laugh, dance and sneak naggins into the main arena.

The friends go on the festival rides and take turns downing their drink.

As day turns to night, they head over to Dermot Kennedy's set at the festival.

One of the girls catches the eye of a boy nearby.

She ends up kissing the boy, leaving her friend all alone at the festival.

While she heads back to the tents with this boy, her friend wanders aimlessly around the festival.

She has a terrible encounter with a random festival-goer and ends up walking back to the tents.

When she arrives at the camp site, she sees her friend sitting, waiting.

The friends sit in silence for a while before they both break out laughing.

"So... Did ya do the deed?" The girls laugh and the video ends.

Roll on Electric Picnic 2020!

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