Taylor Swift Announces a *Thir...


Taylor Swift Announces a *Third* Edition of 'The Tortured Poets Department'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:30 23 Feb 2024

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Three editions and it's not even out yet?

Taylor Swift has announced a third edition of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

It'll feature a bonus track called 'The Albatross.' So far, there are two other bonus tracks confirmed for different editions — 'The Manuscript' and 'The Bolter.'


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How can we hear Taylor's bonus tracks?

Typically, Taylor's bonus tracks from physical versions of her albums aren't available on streaming platforms for a number of months after release.

But choosing to have a multiple versions of the album with different songs has caused some fury among fans who call it a 'money grab.'

One Redditor said it's making Taylor 'really unlikeable' as she's at a level where she doesn't need these 'gimmicks.'

Other fans agreed, calling it 'exhausting' and 'insulting.'

This edition of the album will only be available for 79 hours on Taylor's site, leaving some fans to feel pressure to buy it before they know if that's the edition they'll love the most.


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What else do we know about the album?

Due out on April 19th, The Tortured Poets Department was first announced at this year's Grammy Awards.

Taylor confessed on the first night of her Tokyo dates that she actually hadn't planned to share the news of the upcoming release during the awards, but when she won her thirteenth Grammy she felt it was a sign. Taylor's lucky number is famously thirteen.

With 'The Bolter' having been announced at the first night of her Melbourne dates and 'The Albatross' announcement having come during night one of Sydney, it seems like a fourth edition may come during night one of Singapore.

However, some fans are speculating that there will be a fifth edition to represent 'the five stages of grief.'

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