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Jonathan Bailey Defends Lack Of Sex Scenes In Bridgerton Season 2


10:30 4 Apr 2022

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Jonathan Bailey talks Bridgerton sex scenes

Bridgerton season two star Jonathan Bailey has spoken out about the lack of sex scenes in the new season.

The series premiered in December 2020 and became a massive hit, with everyone talking about its raunchy moments.

So as you can imagine, fans were surprised to discover the second installment is much tamer.

In an interview with USA Today, Anthony Bridgerton actor, Jonathan Bailey, defended:

'What you lose in sex scenes you gain in a deeper human understanding, which hopefully enriches the world so that the future intimacy scenes won't be the heavy feature, and (you) won't have to lean on them as much.'

'It's right to surprise an audience and keep them on their toes a bit,' he added.

This season's leads, Anthony and Kate, don't become intimate until late in the show, which Jonathan feels was right.

'It would have been wrong for Kate and Anthony to have got physical any sooner than they did. And I think the payoff is really earned.'


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Creator Chris Van Dusen also told the outlet, 'We never do a sex scene for the sake of doing a sex scene, and we never will.'

'All of the intimate scenes have a larger purpose.'

'That was true for Season 1. It's definitely true for Season 2.'

Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.

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