Here's Advice For Anyone Who H...


Here's Advice For Anyone Who Has Lost Their Job Recently

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07:45 24 Apr 2020

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SPIN1038 and have teamed up to make sure you’re minding yourself throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

We get it's hard to get your head around some of the changes you may be experiencing from your work life to dealing with extra anxiety and exam stress.

But what matters is that you speak with someone if it all gets too much or you need some guidance.

Supports available if you've lost your job

Losing your job is stressful any time but facing unemployment during a pandemic is especially hard.

If you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), there are some supports you may be entitled to.

Pandemic Unemployment Payment

If you have lost your job, have lost work as a self-employed person, or have been put on part-time or casual work due to the Coronavirus, you may be entitled to the Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

This is a payment of €350 a week, paid directly into your bank account, for up to 12 weeks.

You can apply through

Jobseeker’s Benefit & Jobseeker’s Allowance

If you are not eligible for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment for any reason, or if you expect to still be unemployed after the restrictions have been lifted, you may be able to apply for a Jobseeker’s payment instead.

This is a payment to support unemployed people while they look for work.

However, you should apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment first.

You can apply for a Jobseeker’s payment through


If you have lost your job because there is no work available or because your employer has had to close the business, you may be entitled to a redundancy lump sum.

This is a certain amount of money you are given when you are let go from your job.

How much money you are entitled to depends on how long you’ve worked there.

You can use a redundancy calculator to find out how much you should be paid.

If your employer is unable to pay redundancy, you can claim it from the State Social Insurance Fund.

What to do if your working hours have been reduced

If your working hours have been reduced, you may be entitled to the the short-time work support payment.

This is an income support payment for people who have been temporarily placed on a shorter working week.

You must work 3 days or less to qualify and have enough PRSI contributions.

This payment is available through Jobseeker’s Benefit, and you can apply on - Ireland's Youth Information Website

If you need to chat anonymously with a trained volunteer, text SPUNOUT now to 086 1800 280.

Or visit for more info.

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