Here's Advice For Anyone Deali...


Here's Advice For Anyone Dealing With Anxiety At The Moment

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07:51 24 Apr 2020

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SPIN1038 and have teamed up to make sure you’re minding yourself throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

We get it's hard to get your head around some of the changes you may be experiencing from your work life to dealing with extra anxiety and exam stress.

But what matters is that you speak with someone if it all gets too much or you need some guidance.

Dealing with anxiety

This is a stressful time for everyone, and being told to stay inside, keep our distance from others, and limit our contact with the outside world can be scary.

There’s a lot of uncertainty, which can lead to feelings of anxiety.

It is really important that we do what we can to look after ourselves during this pandemic.

Here are some ways you can ease anxiety during COVID-19:

Connect with others

Make time to connect with other people in your life.

Use video calls, phone calls, and online games to spend time with people - they could also be feeling lonely, so it’s always nice to reach out.

Talking about how you’re feeling can be a huge help too.

Keep active and get some sleep

Finding ways to stay active and get some exercise at home can be a huge boost to your mood, give you more energy, and can help you to pass the time.

Although it’s difficult, trying to stick to a sleep schedule can also help you to feel better.

Check in with yourself

Take time to check in with how you’re feeling.

You might not realise just how stressed or anxious you are until you stop to think about it.

If things are feeling a little too much, try and do something that relaxes you, and talk about how you’re feeling.

Find a routine

Creating a routine can help you to feel a little more in control and reduce your anxiety.

As you adapt to spending time at home, try to create some routines to get you through the day.

Find time for work, to eat, and to relax.

Learn something new

Make use of the extra time by learning a new skill.

Try a new recipe, take up arts and crafts, or look for courses online.

This can give you something to focus your mind on, and the sense of achievement you feel when you gain a new skill can give you a boost.

It’s normal to feel anxious during this time, but try to find ways to relax by doing things you enjoy and stepping away from the news cycle every now and then. - Ireland's Youth Information Website

If you need to chat anonymously with a trained volunteer, text SPUNOUT now to 086 1800 280.

Or visit for more info.

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