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WATCH: Coach Bolton Actor Re-enacts Iconic High School Musical Scene On TikTok


02:51 9 Apr 2020

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High School Musical's coach Bolton joins TikTok

Bart Johnson played Troy Bolton's father coach Bolton in the High School Musical movies.

And fans will be delighted to hear the actor has joined TikTok.

His latest video sees him re-enact a famous scene from the movie and it's so well done.


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Coach Bolton and drama teacher Ms. Darbus were always clashing heads at East High.

She bursts into the men's locker room to confront him after Troy auditioned for the school musical in the first movie.

Darbus warns him not to make a mockery of her Twinkle Town Musical through his son.

While in another scene, coach Bolton confronts Darbus after she sends his two best players to detention during practice.

He burst into the auditorium to find his son and his best friend Chad hanging out in a tree on stage.

The coach yells, "What the heck are those two doing in a tree?!"

Bart's TikTok

Well Bart has re-enacted the locker room scene for TikTok while also including a bit of his character's frustration from the auditorium scene.

In the video, the actor munches on a sandwich as he reads a newspaper.

His phone goes off and he reaches over to find he's received a message from East High's principle Matsui.


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The principal has sent him the trailer for the new High School Musical series on Disney+.

Coach Bolton angrily mutters to himself, "What is this?" Before mumbling, "Darbus."

He then calls Ms. Darbus on the phone and says, "Is this some kind of joke? Oh you know what I'm talking about."


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Bolton goes on, "Oh hey, don't play games with me Darbus, I know you're behind this."

"This is your Twinkle Town Musical TV series. You can't do it okay, you can't do it without my permission."

"There's not going to be a TV series. There's definitely not going to be a coach Bolton in there!"


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The coach ends the call by saying, "Baskets Darbus. They shoot baskets."

If you're a true HSM fan then you'll remember this is a line coach Bolton says in the first movie.

It's after Darbus tells him, "This school is about more than young men in baggy shorts flinging balls for touch downs!"

Bart's other videos

This isn't Bart's first High School Musical themed TikTok video.

He danced to We're All In This Together for a duet video with Sharpay actress Ashley Tisdale.

Check out the performance below:


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♬ original sound - ashbash2425

Meanwhile, Troy Bolton actor Zac Efron revealed in a recent interview that he never wants his body to look how it looked in Baywatch ever again.

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