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Love Island's Anton & Belle Talk Villa Secrets & Maura's 'Demanding' Behaviour

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

09:04 8 Aug 2019

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Love Island's Maura was very 'demanding'

In their latest interview, Love Island's Anton and Belle spill the beans on their fellow islanders and talk villa secrets.

Belle says their co-star Maura was, "a bit demanding. She needs a cigarette and she's always demanding."

While Anton reveals Ovie left the villa to play basketball.


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The couple made an appearance on the Heat podcast Under The Covers this week.

When asked who the diva of the villa is, Belle says Maura is, "demanding."

"She's always moaning 'Curtis! Curtis!' She needs a cigarette...she is always demanding for something."

We wouldn't have seen this because the islanders have been banned from smoking in the villa.

Ovie and his basketball

They also talk about fellow islander Ovie who always seemed so laid back on the show.

It turns out he kept asking producers for a basketball and wouldn't give up until he was given one.

Belle reveals, "He had to really whinge for it, but he got it. After a lot of moaning, [the producers] came through."


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You might be wondering how we never saw him with a basketball. Well, he was only allowed to use it at lunch time.

Bosses would allow him leave the villa to practice in the makeshift basketball court they created.

"It was in front of the garden, they would just bring it out at lunchtime or whatever."

Anton and Belle's secret language

The couple also talk about the secret language they developed in order to speak privately.

It was apparently Anton's way of finding out how many followers he had amassed on the outside from newcomer Belle.

Belle says, "Anton taught me our own language to try and get it out of me."


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Despite all his efforts, she still wouldn't tell him, "If you keep asking me about your follows I'm going to have to move out.'"

Anton admits he wasn't the only curious cat in the villa, "Everyone was so obsessed with it."

"All of us are always on our social media and when it's taken away from you you're curious about what's going on."

Elsewhere, Tommy brands Anton 'childish' for unfollowing Molly-Mae on Instagram.

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