04:11 13 Aug 2021

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Anton Danyluk talks Margot Robbie

On the latest episode of Casa SPIN, Anton Danyluk claimed Margot Robbie follows Love Islanders on a private Instagram account.

The topic came up when hosts Tara Walsh and Marty Guilfoyle mentioned Hugo Hammond's video message to Margot.

You can watch that here:


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"I've got an interesting story about Margot Robbie," Anton teased.

Intrigued, both Marty and Tara leaned into the camera and said, "Ohh..."

Before they got ahead of themselves, Anton warned, "It's not as good as you think, it's not that interesting."

He continued, "Apparently she has a fake Instagram that she follows the Islanders she likes on."

When Marty asked if she follows him, Anton said, "Well, I don't know 'cause it's a fake Instagram Marty."

"Yeah but you've got this much information," Marty said as Tara added, "Come on, Anton."


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Is it true?

The team behind the scenes can be heard laughing as Anton admitted, "I don't know who I got this from."

He joked that maybe he just, "Made it up."

Marty told him he should search his Instagram followers for a, "Rargot Moggie."

Tara went on to ask Anton why he didn't attend the Birds Of Prey premiere with his fellow Islanders last year.

He responded, "I was on my PA tour at that time. I was a busy man, I was making the dollars."

"I was working hard, I was in the clubs working so hard."


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Some of Anton's Love Island co-stars attended the premiere and ended up hanging out with Margot that night.

Tara asked if the cast group chat was hopping with messages about their night with the Hollywood celeb.

That's when Anton admitted the group chat was well and truly gone at that stage.

When asked who left first, Anton refused to answer, but he did let Tara and Marty guess.

And we reckon we know who it was by his response to their guesses.

Read more here.


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