Kim Kardashian Confirmed She D...


Kim Kardashian Confirmed She Did Not Damage Monroe Dress

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

02:21 17 Jun 2022

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According to the Museum that owns Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress,

it seems Kim Kardashian Didn't damage it after all!

Kardashian wore the dress that Monroe wore to serenade John F Kennedy on his 45th birthday shortly before his death, to the Met Gala last month which sparked backlash online.

It's said that Kim has to lose 16 pounds in three weeks in order to fit into the dress, which she only wore for a couple of minutes.

As part of the multi million dollar agreement when it was sold to the museum, no adjustments were allowed to be made to the dress.

After the backlash online and after the dress being returned to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum, they have now released an official statement confirming the dress was not damaged.

The statement reads: Kim Kardashian wearing the ‘Happy Birthday’ dress has been hotly contested, but the fact remains that she did not, in any way, damage the garment in the short amount of time it was worn at the Met Gala.”

“From the bottom of the Met steps, where Kim got into the dress, to the top where it was returned, the dress was in the same condition it started in,” According to Amanda Joiner, Ripley’s Vice President of Publishing and Licensing, Who was in charge of the dress the day Kim wore it.

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