Kim Kardashian Walked Madonna'...


Kim Kardashian Walked Madonna's Dogs For 'Jewels'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:20 24 Apr 2024

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I'm guessing they weren't from the Penney's sale section...

Kim Kardashian has revealed she had a job as a teenager — walking Madonna's dogs!

She admitted while speaking with Jimmy Kimmel that her family lived close to the star, so her and Kourtney took on the role of dogwalkers.

But they weren't paid in cash for their work. Instead, Madonna would offer them jewelry.

The pair would wear neon bracelets to school, telling their classmates how "Madonna gave them to [them]."


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While on the late-night show, Kim also addressed some rumours.

For one, does she sleep with her eyes slightly open?

"My sisters have taken videos and pictures," she said, confirming the rumour as true.

She also admitted to blow-drying her jewelry before putting it on so it's not cold on her skin (not gonna lie, that's genius).

Plus an assistant will remove the cardboard sleeve from her Starbucks drink as she can't stand it being on her cup.

"I hate the feeling. I just can't watch it being done, or I can't hear it or feel it. The cardboard being removed from the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me," she said.


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Were any of the rumours untrue?

There was one rumour that Kim has called false. She confirmed she does not have six toes on one foot.

The rumour started when fans thought they saw six toes in the below post of Kim.

When you zoom in, it does seem like there are six toes on both Kim and Kylie's feet.

The Kardashians aren't strangers to a Photoshop fail, so it's possible that's all it is.

Good to know where (or should I say how?) Kim stands!


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