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Emily Ratajkowski Slams Netflix's 'Blonde' For 'Fetishising Female Pain'


08:46 4 Oct 2022

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Emily Ratajkowski Slams Netflix's 'Blonde'

American model Emily Ratajkowski has released a TikTok video criticising Netflix's new Marilyn Monroe film Blonde.

She said although she's yet to watch it, she's been hearing that it's, "yet another movie fetishising female pain, even in death."


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She told her followers, "We love to fetishise female pain."

"Look at Amy Winehouse, look at Britney Spears, look at the way we obsess over Diana’s death, the way we obsess over dead girls and serial killers."

"Watch any CSI episode, and it’s like this crazy fetishisation of female pain and death."


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Emily went on to share that she's learned to fetishise, "[her] own pain and [her] own hurt."

"So that it feels like something that can be tended to that's kind of sexy... and I think we do that in many, many different ways."

"But I want that to change," she added.


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The Hollywood star continued, "You know what's kind of hard to fetishise? Anger."

"So I have a proposal - I think we all need to be a little more pi**ed off. I'm going to be in my witch era. 2022 baby, is my b**ch era. I think we should all be in our b**ch era."

"I'm gonna be pi**ed off when I see this movie, I already know it. But it's nothing new. And yeah, I'm just going to get angry."

@emrataSo done with the fetishization of female pain and suffering. Bitch Era 2022

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The film, 'explores the complicated life of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.'

It's based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, and is a fictional telling of the actress' life.

Ana de Armas plays Monroe in the film, which has been getting mixed reviews since it's release last month.

Some feel the film focuses too much on her suffering, while others think it's a good interpretation of Oates' book.

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