Emily Ratajkowski Admits Norma...


Emily Ratajkowski Admits Normal People, 'Changed Her Life'


02:30 6 Jul 2020

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Emily Ratajkowski talks Normal People

Emily Ratajkowski has said Sally Rooney's Normal People, "changed [her] life."

She made the revelation while reviewing the series for Hulu last week.


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Dreaming of eating gelato in a piazza after a long bike ride through the Italian countryside. #NormalPeople

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The model admitted she sobbed her eyes out on a beach after reading Normal People.

And because she was such a big fan of the book, she had her doubts when she heard they were turning it into a series.

Using Harry Potter as an exampled, she said, "I don't know, people love Harry Potter, I'm still on the fence on it, I just love the books so much."

But despite her initial worries, Emily's grown to love the Normal People series and its lead actors.

She said, "Everyone involved deserves a round of applause, particularly Paul and Daisy who I am a big fan of."

"Connell’s chain also… whoever runs that account – you’re really cool," the 29-year-old added.


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The model gushed over Sarah Greene's character Lorraine, aka Connell's mother.

"I remember reading the book and watching the show too just thinking I really hope I’m that kind of mum because she loves him in such an honest way."

"She respects who he is but she also had really good boundaries and she’s just cool."


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Meanwhile, Paul Mescal thinks his character Connell will end up marrying someone else.

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