Autumn Make Up Looks

Autumn Make Up Looks

11 Sep 2017

We can almost get a whiff of Pumpkin Spice lattes (and the smell of basic off ourselves) but with school uniform clad kids back barging on to buses and the long evenings lessening, it's time to switch up our make up bags accordingly.

With the sun slipping from the sky, it's time to up our shine. Keilidh has heavenly highlight in this glowy look.

Plum? Purple? Cranberry? YES! YES! YES! These hues are intense but brave it and bask in that berry beauty


Cranberry vibes 💗

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Go as deep ochre/orange as you dare, think pumpkins but more sultry. If you're sunkissed in September dust yourself with some gold or bronze to make a magic, metallic eye. Orange hues make blue eyes pop and paired with bronze you'll be awe-inspiringly autumnal. Aideen Murphy shows us how these shades make brown eyes smolder. She created the look using Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture palette.

Frosty pink faces will warm up colder mornings. Chloe Boucher's pink lip and eye combo here is beautiful. 

Halloween is fast approaching so it's the season to make our eyes as dark as our tights

The classic smoky eye has taken on many tinted hues lately with roaring success but the classic has lasted for a reason. We're topping our off with wings for full drama.

This eyeliner is probably the cheapest on the market but it's the business! It's very easily to apply and you won't rub wrinkles on to your face trying to get it off. Better again, it's less than a fiver in Penneys

All the brands recommended above are animal cruelty free so get glam with no guilt.

Main Image: Instagram @aideenkatemakeup