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Free Contraception For Women Aged 17 to 24, Is It Enough?


05:24 16 Oct 2021

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Women between the ages of 17 and 25 will have free access to contraception from August as a part of Budget 2022.


While the measures have been widely welcomed by representative bodies, some concerns have been expressed.


The main issues being with the narrow age eligibility window and it still being unclear if all methods of contraception will be included.


Dr Deirdre Lundy, a GP specialising in sexual and reproductive health, says that providing women with a choice will be the most important aspect:


"Some women wont want to take pills, other women may not want an implant and they should have a choice...It's making good contraception free and accessible but its also giving women their own autonomy."


Many want to see eligibility for free contraception given to women aged under 17.


The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly says he fully intends to expand the age cohort.


Rosita Sweetman, a founding member of the Irish women's liberation movement, says the burden of preventing pregnancy should not be on woman alone:


"It should be guys aswell, if you just say 'It's contraceptives for women' you're perpetuating the idea that it's only women who get pregnant. So it should be contraceptives for guys and contraceptives for women."




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