Over Half Of Harassment Victim...


Over Half Of Harassment Victims Didn't Go To Gardaí - Worried It Wouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:15 21 Mar 2023

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More than half of people who have been stalked or harassed say they haven't reported it.

That was because they don't think Gardaí would take the matter seriously.

Over 1,000 people took part in the study by University College Cork in partnership with the Sexual Violence Centre Cork.

Dr Catherine O’Sullivan is from UCC, and is one of the authors of this study.

Dr O'Sullivan says the impact on victims of stalking and harassment is unimaginable.

"They change their lives, their habits, their routines just to deal with the behaviour of the perpetrator."


Some 44% of respondents to the survey indicated that the perpetrators threatened to harm them or those close to them, directly or indirectly.

While there were reports of the perpetrator threatening to harm themselves around the person they were stalking.

Those being stalked also said being pictured or recorded without consent was common.

Inappropriate texts, WhatsApps, or emails were the most common forms of malicious communications identified by respondents.

However Dr Catherine O’Sullivan says some victims of stalking had to go to extremes to try and protect themselves.

"Some people reported changing their identities, having to move homes and jobs on multiple occasions."

Dr. O'Sullivan says these are "really significant harms."

A new offence of stalking has been proposed by the Government recently and it’s expected that this new stalking report will inform that legislation.

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