New Campaign Aims To Educate S...


New Campaign Aims To Educate Society On Consent

Ciara Noble
Ciara Noble

11:27 22 Mar 2023

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A new campaign 'We-Consent' has been launched today by Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, the Minister for Justice, and Community Foundation Ireland.

The three-year campaign aims to inform and educate all members of Irish society about consent.

Research, carried out by DRCC, reveals one in three people are too embarrassed to talk about sex.

Findings also included:

  • 70% of people said society has a problem with consent
  • 1 in 5 agreed that "sometimes people say no to sex when they want convincing"
  • 84% said age-appropriate sex education is needed in school
  • 81% agree talking about consent would result in more healthy sex and sexuality
  • 72% agree a better understanding of consent will help equality
  • 33% reported they agree with the statement - 'Having sex is just part of a long-term relationship – you're not always up for it but you’d go along with it'


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