Iconic Molly Malone Statue Van...


Iconic Molly Malone Statue Vandalised... Again.

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

05:48 17 Sep 2023

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Dublin's Molly Malone Statue has been vandalised... again.

It's the third time in recent months. The words "Please don't, T.Y." (standing for Thank You) have been painted on her chest this time.

It's believed it's an attempt to stop tourists touching the statue's décolletage.

People have been sharing their opinions online.

One tourist said it’s a “shame” that someone would put graffiti on “a historic statue”. 

She then added “But I agree with the message that it sends.” 

Earlier Incidents

Last August, black paint was smeared on the state. A week later, a message with the words "7 years Bad Luck" appeared on Molly's chest.

The Molly Malone statue was first unveiled on Grafton Street in 1988 to celebrate Dublin’s millennium. 

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