Campaign To Show Abuse Can 'Hi...


Campaign To Show Abuse Can 'Hide' In Relationships Launched On Valentine's Day

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:21 14 Feb 2023

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A new Women’s Aid survey found over 80% of respondents have been hit by their partner.

20,000 people have taken the "Too Into You Relationship Quiz" since its launch in November.

The results show a high volume of people experiencing domestic abuse and coercive control while in a relationship.

Too Into You

The Too Into You campaign and its quiz has been aimed at 18-25 year old women, to help them spot the red flags in relationships.

On Valentine’s Day today, campaigners are focusing particularly on love bombing.

Project lead Mary Hayes explains what that can look like:

"Being bombarded with messages, with love, with attention or affection or gifts."

"If they use it as a way to manipulate you - so if they say I've brought you out for a lovely dinner so you'd better have sex with me this evening."

Survey Stats

  • More 2 in 5 say they've been hit by their partner.
  • More than 90% say their partner has threatened to leak explicit images of them when they have a fight.

Mary says this issue has become normalised among some younger couples:

"It is complete manipulation and a threat against your partner."

Mary says this is image based sexual abuse.

Women's Aid is calling on leaders including teachers and sports coaches to promote healthy relationships from a young age.

It says groups can use Valentines Day as a starting point for these conversations.

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