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''Higher Chance Of Winning This Weekend's Lotto'' ~Statistician

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

01:51 13 Jan 2022

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You have an increased chance of winning this weekend's Lotto Jackpot of €19.5 Million, however the chances of winning are the jackpot are still relatively low.

That's according to University College Cork's Michael Cronin an expert in Mathematical sciences.

Cronin points out that '' an individual line has a chance of winning the money outright at odds of 10.7 million to 1,

whereas the chances of matching five plus in a line are slightly better with 1.8 million to 1''.

Interestingly, if no one matches six numbers for the jackpot the money will flow to the lower tier prizes.

The company behind the Lotto have said that there will be more must-win jackpots in the future to prevent such long rollovers with no winners happening again.

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