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The USI Want Free STI Test For Third-Level Students

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The USI wants free STI testing for students across the country.

The group says only one campus in the country doesn't charge people to get checked, which is NUI Galway.

It follows a report in the Irish Daily Mail that says less than two percent of students are getting tested.

"There should be free STI testing provided across the country, particularly from a student perspective," said Megan Reilly who is Vice-President for Equality with the Union of Students in Ireland.

"Student Unions across the country and even at a national level as well we've put a lot of work into campaigns around sexual health because people don't necessarily receive adequate sexual health education in school.

"So they're coming into college not in the know sometimes. There's not a lot of point sometimes calling attention to the fact that people should get tested and then not having these services available."

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