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UK Company Trials Covid-19 Sniffer Dogs In Train Station


02:14 29 Oct 2020

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A security company in the UK is training dogs to sniff out Covid-19 on humans.

The sniffer dogs are currently being trialed in Paddington Train Station in London.

If the trials are deemed a success they will be ready to work by early next year.

According to, the dogs can sniff out the virus in less than one second, even on people who are asymptomatic.

"These dogs are simply amazing – they can smell the odour of Covid," said Lilly Moss from the company.

"Training is currently taking place to enable them to actually sniff out those carrying Covid-19." she said.

The company hopes the dogs can work effectively in busy areas.

British Health Secretary Impressed With Sniffer Dogs

Meanwhile, British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was amazed at the dogs' sniffing skills.

"You can immediately think of the number of uses that we could put this to - and find people who don’t know they have Covid," he said.

The dogs were trained by the charity Medical Detection Dogs.

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