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Trump's Senior Adviser Defends White House Inauguration Comments

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06:07 23 Jan 2017

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The world sits in anticipation this evening as Sean Spicer, the new press secretary of the United States is expected to hold his first official conference later.

The last time he spoke to the media was on Saturday morning after the inauguration of Donald Trump, when he criticised the coverage of the event.

The New York Times posted a picture comparing the audience attendance at Obama first swearing-in ceremony to the crowds that gathered at the Mall in Washington on Friday - which infuriated the White House staff.

They were quick to make claims like 'metal detectors' slowed down the process of allowing spectators into the event, thus making it look like there was a small crowd.

These claims were laughed up my media around the world, and soon pictures and videos of Sean went viral. This evening is the first time since that embarrassment that he will come face to face with the media. However, his mate and Senior Adviser to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway tried to clear up any confusions with NBC news, but that didn't go too well. 

Have a look at her full interview below

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