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Toll Increases Delayed By 6 Months

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:14 29 Nov 2022

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There will be a 6 month delay the increase in toll charges by six months.

The move is expected to cost the state around 12.5 million euro.

Big Argument

The decision to increase tolls on nine of the country's ten tolled roads from January 1st sparked a major row.

Politicians, truck drivers and car owners were unhappy - mostly because of the cost of living crisis already affecting everyone.

The tolls were going to increase by the maximum amount allowed.

But the Government has intervened and confirmed they won't go up until the beginning of July.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland says it's going to immediately get in touch with operators to discuss.

TII will answer questions from politicians tonight.

Here is a link to that meeting, it starts at 7pm.

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