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Thousands Protest In City Centre Against President Trump Policies

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04:27 21 Jan 2017

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Thousands of womans rights supporters have protested in the city centre this afternoon against Donald Trump's Presidency.

It's to show solidarity with Americans and people across the world who are worried about his policies. Two hundred thousand are expected to attend the 'Women's March on Washington' today.


Yesterday Trump was sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States of America. The billionaire businessman replaced Barack Obama at a ceremony attended by hundreds of thousands of people in Washington.

In his opening address he declared "from this moment it will be America first". The new president spoke about protecting the US from other countries which are "stealing" American companies and "destroying" jobs. He ended with a now well-known sentiment - that he's going to "make America great again".

And within hours of taking the oath of office, he held true to one of his campaign promises, repealing Obamacare. On Friday night he signed an executive order to roll back on the health policy that provides affordable healthcare to 20 million Americans.

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