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Temperatures Could Reach 20 Degrees Today

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12:57 2 May 2017

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Ireland is set for a few days of absolutely stunning weather. 

Met Eireann have forecasted that the good weather could last all the way through to this weekend. 

On their website at the moment it reads 'It'll continue dry everywhere for the rest of today. Staying cloudy in the far southwest and in a few areas near east coasts, but most places will have further good sunny spells. Highest temperatures 17 to 20 degrees, though a little cooler near coasts due to onshore breezes.'

So if you were planning on having a bbq this week, you may just be able to. 

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Met Eireann have also issued a warning to those who will be in open water this week, as the weather picks up. This comes as research shows that 133 people drown in Ireland ever year. 

Stay safe, don't forget your sunscreen and most importantly - enjoy it!

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