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Taoiseach Defends Ticketing For All Late Night Entertainment


05:27 23 Oct 2021

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The Taoiseach has defended the decision to make ticketing a new requirement for the late night entertainment industry.


Micheál Martin was speaking after a massive backlash to the new regulations, which state that tickets will be needed from next weekend for entering clubs, late bars and venues.


The industry has described the 11th-hour announcement as a 'total betrayal' and completely unworkable.


But according to the Taoiseach that was also said when Covid passes for hospitality were introduced in July.


The Taoiseach has said the alternative to the introduction of ticketing for nightclubs, was to pause the re-opening of the sector.


Defending the move this morning, Micheál Martin said it was the only way to allow for safe re-opening.


The proposal has been slammed widely across the industry, as totally unworkable.


The Taoiseach says, however, they need to work with the Government:


"This governement has been very supportive of the hospitality sector from the beginning of the pandemic throughout [...] In the modern era administrating ticket only is something that can be done quite easily [...] it's the virus dictating this, not the government, the government doesn't want to be putting restrictions on people."


Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland  don't agree with the Taoiseach, they said in a tweet that this was a 'total betrayal'.


A Spokesperson for the MEAI says ticketing for nightclubs is unrealistic.


Matt McGranaghan says its unfair of the government to add requirements last minute:


"I can understand the argument behind it, the contact tracing, but why's this requirement not necessary anywhere else, what's wrong with the contact tracing that can be done and can be done and can be done responsibly. So I don't think it's a realistic expectation especially to be throwing it in at the very last minute."



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