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Most Sushi Producers In Ireland Fail To Meet Food Safety Standards

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Food Safety Authority finds most sushi makers fail to meet standards

Checks have found almost every sushi maker and seller has failed to meet food safety standards.

Of eleven manufacturers, restaurants and takeaways inspected, just one hadn't broken food hygiene laws.

The Food Safety Authority found 76 breaches of food law, including poor parasite control and incorrect defrosting of raw fish.

The audit findings also include:

  • 90% of food businesses audited did not have adequate controls in place relating to sushi production and processing activities
  • 75% of food businesses did not meet the requirements of the legislation for  freezing fish for parasite control
  • Over 90% of the food businesses did not have adequate operational controls for sushi rice production

Findings 'very concerning'

"Our audit sought to establish if food safety controls were being followed and the findings are very concerning," says FSAI CEO Pamela Byrne.

"It showed that over three quarters of the food businesses did not have adequate food safety controls in place for this."

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