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Over Half Of Students Are Living At Home While At College


02:15 29 Sep 2021

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The new research was carried out by iReach.

A new study has found that 63 percent of college students live at home.

The news comes as many students find themselves without somewhere to live.

25 percent say they struggled to find somewhere to live due to a lack of options.

One in eight students tried to find accommodation, but gave up and are back at home.

A campaign has surfaced with the hashtag #NoKeysNoDegrees as many have struggled to find housing.

This week, the government are set to meet with owners of purpose built student accommodation.

A ban is set to be placed on these facilities entering the short-term rental market.

Many purpose built student accommodation units are lying idle as they have been left overpriced.

The news comes as a government group today have recommended an increase in the living wage.

The increase of 60 cent in the wage is seen as a response to the high cost of renting.

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